Boot Camp for Field Leaders—Four Corners of Field Leadership Excellence

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Originally Aired - Thursday, February 3 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Location: 217

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Title: Boot Camp for Field Leaders—Four Corners of Field Leadership Excellence


This Boot Camp is for the Roofing Owner or Field Leader who may need a tune-up and is trying to move their roofing field leaders and crews to the next level. The Roofing Field Leader will be better prepared address their communication and strategies to move their work performance to greater profitable results.

The Four Corners are:


  • Five techniques to better communication
  • Get your point across without losing respect AND your job
  • Build confidence in your public presentation


  • Build better understanding between you and others
  • Line out daily expectations with less confusion and greater productivity
  • Keep your team organized, focused and coordinated


  • Build next week’s mindset by using the best planning tool
  • Use of Daily AM and PM Huddles
  • Keep your eyes on the week’s production requirements and make adjustments


  • Four tips to take your workers to the “next level” of success
  • Develop vision; then learn how to cast that vision
  • Ten time-management tools to make you the “Most Valuable Field Leader” in your company


Boot Camp attendees will receive a copy of:

  • Next Week’s Look Ahead
  • AM/PM Huddle Card
  • Several leadership templates for company development efforts


Type: IRE Conference Session




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